MRD results are in…

Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) samples were taken from Mia’s bone marrow aspirate on day 28 of treatment and sent away to Sheffield for analysis.  We were told that the microbiology results from the day 28 bone marrow confirm that Mia has less than 5% blast cells and is in remission, however treatment does not stop because historically when treatment was stopped at this point the Leukaemia always returned.  So the plan at that point was to continue on treatment regime A until we knew the result of the MRD.

At teatime yesterday the MRD result was in and Mia has High minimal residual disease…..Damn.. Not what we wanted to hear!  The clinical trial ALL2003 will now have to determine by random assignment whether Mia recieves more intensive chemotherapy treatment on regime C or she stays on regime A but with 2 intensification blocks of chemotherapy.  We then spent most of yesterday evening researching the MRD what it could mean for Mia who for the first time since treatment began had a high risk factor.  We decided that if she was randomised to regime C and recieved more chemo (which of course means higher toxicity and more suseptability to infections) then we would continue to take advise from Dr Jan who could remove her from the trial if at anytime she was not coping with the increased intensity.  If she stays on regime A at least we know that she is getting the current highest standard treatment and with the trial due to finish next year if increased chemotherapy is recommended than she may get it at a later date.

Dr Jan phoned the trials office at 09.00 and Mia was randomly selected to stay on regime A, she called us immediately with this result and as always reasured us that regieme A is the gold standard treatment that Mia would have got if she was not included in the trial.  We are quite happy with this news especially as Mia continues to remain well on this protocol (for now at least).  The road is never straight!!!!!!

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  1. Gemma Says:

    Phew! A bumpy road it may be Shell but you and Scott are doing an amazing job – must be so hard having to learn so much so quickly. I can barely begin to comprehend.

    I love that you are writing this diary because I can now start to begin to understand your daily trials and all those letters and medical terms and what they mean.

    It’s great news that little Mia doesn’t have to have an increased dose of the chemo!

    Can’t wait to see you on Thursday. Positive vibes are coming your way from me always.

    All my love, Gemma

  2. Anne Martin Says:

    I am so proud of Mia for coping with all that the Leukemia is throwing at her and her smiles are a gift to us all. I am equally as proud of her Mum Michelle, Dad Scott and brother Harvey for their capacity to love and cherish their little girl whilst not losing sight (despite the tiredness and anxiety)of the fun and humour in everyday life , Michelle you have always been a pretty amazing Mum, and once again you have stepped up a gear when you were needed,you are doing a brilliant job, I hope your account of Mia’s Leukemia inspires many other families in their time of need and helps to ease their worries and anxiety.

    Love you lots

    Love you lots

  3. mia Says:

    Hello Michelle, I have just read your latest installment on your journey with your babe. What a girl she is to cope with all this, and her fab mama too.She is smiling in lots of your piccies and it is such a good idea to record all these moments.Take loads of care and love and hugs to you, Janexxx

  4. Louise Says:

    What a wonderful idea to have an online diary! I have often wondered how things are going for you all. Scott you are most welcome to bring Harvey round for a playdate, I know that Laurie would be very pleased to see you too!
    Take Care and with love from Louise xxxx

  5. Jemima Says:

    Hi Mia
    I love your photos and I wish I lived by the sea like you do! Do you have any Jelleez? They are really cool jel paints you can put on windows and bathroom tiles, you could sit on the sofa making loads of pictures to decorate your house. I love them!
    Keep smiling Mia,
    Mima x

  6. Polly, Mima's Mum Says:

    Hi there
    I have just read your whole website – fantastic! All your friends and family will really appreciate being able to keep in touch without having to constantly ask what you and Mia are up to. It also took me back to 14 months ago when we also had that awful news that Mima was high risk after the MRD. I know exactly how you feel, it is like having another massive blow when you were just picking yourself up off the ground from the original diagnosis. The first year is very intense but it does get better – honestly!
    Keep smiling and keep in touch. If ever you want to ask any questions, please don’t hesitate and I will do my best to help you.
    Polly x (Mima’s mum)

  7. debs Says:

    hello mia,

    i don’t know if you remember me we jumped together on the bouncy castle at my joined birthday party with jack.
    just to say we think about you a lot!!!
    your an amazing little girl!!!! and your mummy too.

    keep strong
    lots of love to all of you
    clara, lucas,debs ,theo xxx

  8. Rachel Martini Says:

    Hi Mia, Harvey, Michelle and Scott,
    We have been checking into the website and thinking of you every single day. We would love to help, even if just in a small way. Manon wonders if you would like some arty things to do? Mia,what do you like to play with and make? We can see you are a very creative little girl! Do you like to cut and stick? Manon does!!
    It must be such an emotional time for you all. Michelle and Scott,you are doing such a wonderful job and our thoughts are with you always.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Get better soon Miax

  9. Jim Allen Says:

    Hello Mia,

    My names Jim and I’m a friend of your Auntie Gemma. I live round the corner from her and i like to go round for cups of tea and chats. She has been telling me all about you and how brave you have been. I would just like to send all my best wishes and love.

    Jim xx

  10. tracey docherty Says:

    Hello Mia,

    My name is Tracey and i am a friend of your grandmas (Irene), you are such a brave little girl, i hear all about you every time i go to your grandmas house or talk to her on the phone. i just wanted to say hi and send my love

    tracey xx

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