Induction stay on Piam Brown Ward Southampton Hospital.

DAY 2                        

11th September 2008

Today Mia went to theatre for the first time ever!  She was really brave and went to sleep without any distress which made it so much easier for me….

She had a central venous line (Mia calls it “Baby Snake”) inserted so that all of her chemotherapy drugs can be given directly into her vein without the need for repeated stabs (Mia’s word!). 

If all goes well and her line does not get damaged or badly infected then it will stay in for the whole 2 years of treatment.  It’s a good job Mia coped so well with it. 

We took this picture to show to Harvey so the line is cunningly presented by cuddly dog…..Not everybody gets the dog!

The first job for Mia’s new central line was to give her a blood transfusion as you can see by now she is very pale!

Mia had an anaesthetic again 2 days later for her first dose of intra-thecal chemotherapy and a bone marrow aspirate which confirmed her diagnosis as common Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (cALL).  Her prognosis is good and for now at least she is commenced on the lowest risk treatment protocol known as Regimen A.

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  1. Urbabrisa Says:


  2. vikki large Says:

    hi im vikki i just wanted 2 say NEVER give up. Im a SURVIOUR i had cancer when i was 6 and im now 22 in a brilliant job that i always wanted 2 do, so dreams 2 come true .
    I was also treated on piam brown ward, i dont rember much but they were very good.


    say hi 2 mia please xxxxx

  3. Kayleigh fry Says:

    I was diagnosed with cancer in 97 and i was only 11 at the time. I am 25 now and expecting my first baby so i wouldnt be here today if it wernt for everyone on piam brown ward. Xx

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