Feeling under the weather.

With hindsight I can see that towards the end of August Mia was starting to become poorly, She had 2 colds in a row and had started waking in the night and napping in the day.  

Because it was the summer holidays and we were having late nights and busy days I didn’t think that much of this.

On the 6th and 7th of September we went to the Bestival, despite the mud!  Mia had a bit of a cold so I carried her in a backpack so that she could enjoy the sights without her getting her purple croc wellies dirty! ( that was her main concern).  Scott and I both thought that Mia was looking a bit pale and that she was more grumpy than usual but because it was a busy weekend we didn’t really worry too much. 

On Monday 8th September I went to work and Mia was still tired and grumpy so she stayed at home with Scott and watched lots of telly.  At teatime I noticed some tiny red spots on her tummy (like a meningitis rash but she had no other symptoms), I was also worried that some old bruises on her knee’s had still not faded.  It did cross my mind that we should check it out with the GP but the surgery was already closed (like it always seems to be when my kids are poorly) and Mia was tired so I put me to bed as usual and was going to see how she was in the morning. 

At 9.30pm She woke up really cross and a bit confused, shouting at me and Scott and telling us to go away and that she wanted to go home.  She was very disorientated and very uncomfortable so I decided to give her a bath to calm her down.  While she was in the bath Mia became very calm but was hallucinating and giggling, not aware of my presence in the room.  I  noticed lots more of the little red spots, this time all over her body and she also looked incredibly pale.  I decided that I couldn’t wait till the morning and decided to take Mia to A&E. 

She was (of course) instantly “normal” again as soon as I got her in the car and headed off on the 20 minute drive to the hospital and there were a couple of times when the thought crossed my mind that I was over reacting but I carried on and by 11.30 she was checked in and was being seen by the Doctor. I gave the account of the episode that evening and told the doctor about the bruises and tiny red spots so they took some blood and admitted us to the Children’s Ward for the night.

On the morning of 9th September on the Children’s Ward the paediatrician started saying that her platlets and haemoglobin were low and then when examining her he said her liver and spleen were palpable, panic was begining to take hold but I couldn’t workout what all this meant (despite being a paediatric nurse).  At about 11am Scott and I were called into see the Paediatrician who explained that he believed the blood tests showed that Mia had Leukaemia and that we needed to go to Southampton hospital where more blood tests could be carried out to confirm this.

By 5pm the same day Mia and I arrived at Southampton Hospital where Dr Jan confirmed the diagnosis and Mia’s treatment began…….. 





4 Responses to “Feeling under the weather.”

  1. Sam Cope Says:

    Hi Mia,
    I work with your uncle Dan and he’s told me loads about you. I love your website, the bright colours and the photos of your family look great.

    I hear you’re doing really well. So keep smiling and i look forward to reading more.
    Lots of love

  2. Grandpa Popsie & Sue Says:

    Hello Mia,
    It was so good to talk to you today. Your Mum has done a wonderful job setting up your website, its great that we can all keep up with you and know what is going on. Grandpa Popsie has not been able to visit you yet because he has been poorly himself but as soon as he is well again we will come and see you. We also have your Birthday present to bring to you, I know that it is a bit late !
    Lots of love
    Grandpa Popsie & Sue xxx

  3. robert julian smith Says:

    Hi Mia,

    I’m friends with your uncle Dan and aunt Sam. I live in Italy and have two girls of my own; Sara James and Jessie Grace. We sure would love to have you come to our house and spend the day. Sara has a shetland pony named flicka. She want’s to know if you like horses and if you would like to ride flicka one day? Even if you don’t like horses its ok. Sara still would love to have you come over and play. Take care Mia and keep shining that beautiful smile!

  4. Mel, Shaun, Ethan, Amelia and Alivia. Says:

    Hello little mia. We are all hoping you are feeling better really soon. Sorry we haven’t been to visit but we have all had a cold and we didn’t want you to pick it up. We will come for a visit as soon as we can. The website is really great. We can now keep up with your progress.

    Take Care Sweetheart and see You all real soon. Lots of hugs to you and a big hug for ya mum too. Coz we think ya mum needs lots of those too..

    Mel and all the gang. xxxxx

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