Hanging out with Harvey

Sibling Rivalry fueled by Steroids.

Mia was often very spiteful to Harvey during these few weeks at home, it seemed as though each time he spoke she shouted ” stop it HARVEY”.  However Harv has lived through Mia’s terrible two’s so he just fell into line and got his own back whenever he could.  Scott and I tried very hard to remind Mia that it wasn’t nice to shout at Harvey but he was often winding her up making it very difficult for us to tell her off!  I think they’ll be firm friends again, it has definately improved since the steroids have stopped!

Mia was doing her scared face in this picture and she believed that Harvey was too!  Sorry Mia it’s not your best look but I had to show Harvey that Daddy gave him some rabbit ears too.

It’s fair to say that Harvey did have Mia in stiches with his antics at times and she loves it when he fool’s about (the rest of us don’t) :-)

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  1. Emily Says:

    Hehe im glad to see Mia and Harvey are still as funny as ever



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