Entertaining Mia.

Arts and Crafts.

By the end of September Mia could no longer walk or even weight-bear ( a side effect of the Chemotherapy drugs and steroids) so entertaining her on the sofa became my main mission (as well as feeding her and changing the TV channel frequently).

She loves Hama beads so it goes without saying that I purchased another 10000 beads to keep her going.  She also really enjoys painting which when she could sit up to the kitchen table was easy but it was much more difficult on the sofa….

Mia actually found the solution to this problem one day while we visited TOYS R US We were returning from her weekly visits to Southampton for Bone Marrow checks and intra-thecal chemo and she was allowed to choose a toy…. She chose paint your own Fifi and the Flower Tots plant pots,  fantastic!!  We have since bought ready to paint Disney Princesses and some more plant pots……. If any one wants to make some plaster figures for Mia to paint feel free XXX


Auntie Sam has also been providing Monday Crafts each week (which saves me from thinking for a day!). Our favourite so far has been pasta necklaces which Sam, Mia and I wore on our day out to the Brading Roman Villa.

Caleb and Harvey are too cool for pasta necklaces thay dressed as Romans instead.

3 Responses to “Entertaining Mia.”

  1. caleb Says:

    love caleb to mia

  2. Ollie Hanna-Murtagh Says:

    The strength, love and humour that you display throughout your blog is inspirational. I have 3 boys and would hope that I would have the courage that your family so obviously does.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, take comfort in knowing that you are in the minds of so many.
    God bless,
    Ollie x

    PS-Mia, those Hama beads look great!!

  3. Lucy Says:

    Hi Mia, I’m so glad you enjoyed the lentils and split peas we sent you. Bet the nurses loved sweeping them up, just let mummy know when you run out and Emma will sort you out with more!!. it was fantastic to see you at my leaving tea party hope you liked the cake. I hear your coming to visit us at nursery soon for a little play, i hope i get to see you for a hug before i go. if not i will keep you, Mummy, Daddy and Harvey up to date with my travels.

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