End of Week 8 of treatment.

So this has been a fairly stressful week due to the central line drama, however it has also been full of lots of good moments too…  On Thursday Mia, Harvey and I went over to Southampton and dropped in to Piam Brown Ward for some Halloween activities provided by John Lewis.  More arts and crafts Mia?  “YES PLEASE”.

Both of them had a great time and got a few sweets too, then we headed over to CLIC Haven for our overnight stay and they both indulged in some computer/PlayStation activities.  We ordered Pizza for tea and watched a movie before bed, it was a really nice evening and fairly relaxing for me as well (thanks kids).

Today Harvey went to a sibling group with 6 other children and they had fun making masks and badges and eating more pizza for lunch.  Mia was not having such a great time she had an anaesthetic (gas this time which she did not like!) to remove her line and administer her intra-thecal chemo.  The chemo bit went smoothly but one of the nurses informed me that the line removal was quite tricky and at one point they had to call the surgeon and ask him to “come to the cupboard on Piam Brown and assist with a central line removal” (the anaesthetic room is a bit like a cupboard although very well equipped), I’m sure the surgeon was a little bit shocked by the request and I think it was probably one of those panicy/funny moments.  It definitely made me laugh (I totally trust that Mia was safe and being well looked after, the team are truly fantastic).  So anyway the line is out, Mia was uncomfortable initially when she came round but nothing that a dose of codine couldn’t fix and she has been great this evening, enjoying a bit of trick or treating with Harvey. 

Her blood count is excellent…. having been to neutropenic last Friday to have her oral chemotherapy this week her bloods recovered dramatically which I hope will mean that for this week (without her central line) we will not have any febrile episodes which require IV antibiotics, we will definitely be keeping fingers crossed.  We are hoping to squeeze in a trip to the swimming pool in 4 or 5 days just before she gets her new line in next Thursday.  The new line will need 2 months to heal before we are allowed swimming which for Mia is like a lifetime she has swum at least once a week since she was 3 months old and is definitely missing it!

Thank you to everybody who is checking in regularly and for all the comments you’ve been leaving, Mia enjoys hearing what people have been writing and is even telling people that she has a website although at the moment she thinks it’s called .co.uk, I will work on the everybodylovesmia, I guess she thinks that bit goes without saying!!!!!


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  1. Gemma Says:

    Looks like a great Halloween – Good to see the dragon hoodie I bought Harv is getting another outing!
    I’ll send you a picture of me when I am all dressed up tonight. Prepare yourselves, it’ll be gross!
    I hope you do get the chance to go swimming this week, that would be cool, wouldn’t it?!
    Big Love, G Dog x

  2. Anthony, Alessandro,Francesca Says:

    Hallo Mia, its the Souter family (Anthony, Francesca and Alex) from Rome, we just got up this morning, well actually I (Anthony) wanted to sleep late but at 7.00am Alexander the Pirate jumped into our double bed and changed the plan. We discovered your website and especially appreciated the halloween pictures. We miss you and look forward to you coming to Rome to visit the colosseum and Sistine chapel, meet our dog “Nemo”, our cat “Axel” and our tortoises “Bill and Ben”. Alexander is going to do his homework now and ANthony is taking the dog for a walk… Kisses from all Italy!

  3. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia & Harvey

    Looks like a really cool halloween, Harvey what a handsome Dracula and Mia so cute in green.

    Love you both lots

  4. Emily Says:

    Hello Mia and Harvey

    Your Halloween outfits are awesome you both look so cool!
    I hope you both had lots of fun and lots and lots of sweets.

    Lots of love to you both and to mummy and daddy too


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