CLIC Haven

Our home from home…. CLIC Haven is funded completely by charitable donations made to the CLIC Sargent Charity.  It is a 6 bedroom house directly behind Southampton Hospital and is used by families who have children with cancer who are being treated at the hospital.  For Mia and I it means that we can leisurely make our way over to Southampton on a Thursday and stay the night so that we don’t have to leave home at 5am to be at the hospital in time for her chemo on a Friday morning. 

Auntie Gemma's CLIC Sargent awareness pose

It also means that we can spend extra time with family and friends near the hospital, this was incredibly useful during Mia’s induction treatment because Daddy, Harvey and Grandma stayed at CLIC Haven for 3 nights so they could visit us.  We also used the house during the day’s when Mia didn’t need to be on the ward, we would play in the garden, watch TV, use the playroom or even eat our diner there.






2 Responses to “CLIC Haven”

  1. Gemma Says:

    CLIC Haven rules! A lovely cosy home from home.

    CLIC Sargent won’t say no to any donations you may have and they are a well deserved cause! xxx

  2. Grandma Says:

    I was amazed at how lovely CLIC Haven is. Scott, Harvey and I were there right at the beginning of Mia’s journey, and it was wonderful to have a calm oasis, somewhere to rest and think, as well as play with Harvey in the garden.

    What CLIC Sargent do is give the most practical help possible, when it is most needed. They truly do deserve all donations and support in return.

    Thanks CLIC.

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