Back Home.

Let us out…please

On Monday 22nd September 2008 Mia was discharged from Piam Brown Ward at Southampton Hospital and instantly became an in-patient at St Mary’s Childrens Ward on the Isle of Wight.  Luckily she was well overnight and they let us go home on the Tuesday.  Being back at home after more than 2 weeks away was fantastic………  Scotty and his Mum (Grandma) had hired a carpet cleaning machine and spent 5 days cleaning and tidying the house.  It was perfect!

Mia continued to take everything in her stride and over the first week at home she met all of the community nurses who come to the house to take her blood and deliver medicines and supplies. 

Hair cut.

On Friday 1st October Mia had her last hair cut for a while (I think….. I say that because as I’m writing this almost 3 weeks later she still has quite alot of hair).  The Doctors and Nurses had explained that she is very likely to lose all of her hair during the first few weeks of chemo so I thaught it would be a nice treat to go to the hairdressers and get a little princess pampering.  The result was a beautiful chic bob (which over recent weeks is often more fluffy and fuzzy than chic but never mind.)

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