An up and down kind of day!

Today has been hard work…it started well because Harvey got up fairly early (7.30) but managed to not disturb Mia who slept in till 8.15.  Harvey and Mia are sharing a room at the moment because Mia seems to need the company and after 6 weeks sleeping in lots of different beds I was craving the comfort of my cloud so Harvey has very kindly agreed to sleep in Mia’s room with her, this is the first time he has managed not to wake her!  The morning was good because we had all slept well and Mia was going to go to nursery for a couple of hours so she was quite excited.  At 11.00 after a quick trip to the park for a go on the swings Mia was delivered to nursery.  She went in really happily as if she had never been away, it was really great to see her settle in again so quickly.  I returned home and did chores (boring), then collected Mia at 12.30 (Scott and Harvey went to Jolly Rogers soft play madness).  Mia was so pleased to see me for about 10 minutes and then gave me hell!!!  She must have been tired from nursery but was just so awkward and screechy… I even abandoned my Tesco shopping in a desperate bid to get home and remain calm.  But Mia’s tantrum continued and she had to sit on the step and think about “why you are shouting at Mummy”, it is so hard to discipline her when she has dealt with so much over the last few weeks (so I hid in the kitchen feeling guilty!)

Tantrum over and we were all made up so we set about making Macaroni cheese for diner and it was fun!  Mia can be seen storing the cheese in her cheeks instead of adding it to the sauce…. “what me?” so cute.

Then Mia decided it was time to paint which started out fine but ended up with the kitchen counter being decorated in copious amounts of pink and red paint….which of course ended up all over both of us when I tried to clean up.  By now I’m struggling to be cool.

The final blow came when we got a call from Piam Brown Ward to say that baby snake will not be removed and replaced until next Thursday because there is no room for her on the theatre list until then.  Mia’s blood levels are not great at the moment and I now have to hope that she doesn’t get febrile (high temperature=infection=IV antibiotics=more stabs) or need a blood transfusion before next Thursday.  Lets hope we get a nice anaesthetist on Friday who will let her have gas to go to sleep for her intra-thecal chemo and they can take her blood levels while she is asleep.

Tomorrow is another day and I will stay calm :-)

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  1. Grandpa Popsie & Sue Says:

    Michelle & Scott just to let you know that we log on everyday to see what is happening with Mia, what a great thing this has turned out to be we can all stay up to date without having to bother you for all the details. You are both coping so well with these extremely traumatic circumstances that no parent should have to endure.
    We are so proud of you.
    Popsie & Sue.

  2. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Shelly

    Sounds like a hellish day yesterday, gold star for not losing it!!! and I hope today has been better, but doesn’t she just look like butter wouldn’t melt?? You are doing a brilliant job and never doubt it, what fantastic parents and how clever is Harvey looking after his baby sister at bedtime to give Mum & Dad a break-keep it up Harvey we are all proud of you.
    Shelly will call you tonight.

    Love u Loads

  3. Gemma Says:

    Cheesey Chops! tee hee!

    Big hugs, Gx

  4. Grandma Says:

    Hello again Mia,

    I heard that baby snake left home today and won’t be back for a few more days, hope you’re not missing him too much!

    Loads of love as always,

    Grandma XXXXXXX

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